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Can you get your job back after an injury?

If a worker has been injured, has received workers’ compensation benefits and is ready to return to work, then in most provinces the rule is that the person has to be given their job back; whether the same or similar. If a worker can work, but isn’t well enough to fulfill his old duties, then the employer has to offer you a job you can do.

Workers’ compensation boards have “return to work” requirements that tells your employer they have to give you your job back; whether it’s the same, modified or an available job you can do.

However, there are conditions as to whether you will get your job back. Often there is a minimum amount of time for which you must have been employed before you were injured.

Each worker’s compensation board also outlines on their website employee’s right to return to work, also sometimes called work reintegration.

In order for you to determine what the rules are for you to receive your job back, you need to check your provinces workers’ compensation act and/or your province’s workers’ compensation website.

If you are a federal employee, you have to refer to the federal workers’ compensation website and the Government Employees’ Compensation Act.

Consulting with an employment lawyer is also a good idea.

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